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    Quote Originally Posted by rogue_alchemist View Post
    Town has 2 tests each day. we can have everyone vote for the 2 guaranteed tests in a single post, but if either of them hits, then we will take an extra 24 hours to vote on the second round of testing. And continue adding 24 hours and another round of testing until you either don't hit a thing or all of them are found.
    We do have two tests! Excellent.
    Spoiler: Vote Counts

    AvatarVecna: Valmark, Caerulea
    Apogee1: Caerulea
    Caerulea: Elenna, Grek
    Valmark: JeenLeen
    CaoimhinTheCape: Caerulea

    Quote Originally Posted by Grek View Post
    I am a little confused by this, but alright.

    In this case, my preferance list is as follows:
    1. CaoimhinTheCape (Haven't spoken yet. I feel like a thing would most likely not speak as much early, to avoid being the topic of discussion. They get a very large advantage by flying under the radar, and I don't think we generally vote people who are quiet early.)
    1. PartyOfRouges (see above)
    2. BookWombat (see above, less so because new player)
    3. The Outsider (Made a very small contribution who's only effect was to wagon someone who isn't them. Quite suspicious.)
    3. AvatarVecna (As above, but it's AV and reading her is hard)
    4. Apogee1 (Pointing out that what I suggested is bad (and it is) under the one test per day system, but no investigation really. Easy way for a thing to appear without risk.)
    4.5. Elenna (Pretty much same as Apogee1, but slightly less)
    5. Grek (Suggestion of ranked preference lists seems good, even if I don't completely understand her proposal)
    6. JeenLeen (I like their thoughts, and they are doing some investigative stuff. I don't agree about AV, she might get wagoned but I don't feel like she gets voted off day one that frequently. Also rogue_alchemist might want to give the starting thing to a skilled player)
    10. Valmark (Excellent point regarding my list, and is being investagative. I don't think a thing would be that bold.)
    11. Caerulea (I am not a thing, and so voting me wastes a test)

    Voting AV because I would prefer testing her to me, and Cao in case anyone else wants to try and vote someone who's quiet.

    EDIT: Switched vote to The Outsider because they seem quite thingy.
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