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Thread: TTRPGs - With or Without Reality?

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    The Giant himself said it best: fiction is meaningful if its lessons cannot be applied to the world that we, real actual humans, live in. If you are going to dismiss any themes or subtext present in any fantasy story as simply not applying to our world because that world has dragons and ours doesn't, then you have largely missed the point of literature as a whole, and are likely rather poorer for it. Fantasy literature is ONLY worthwhile for what it can tell us about the real world; everything else is petty escapism. So if I can make even one person think about how we treat people of other races (or religions, or creeds, or what have you) by using the analogy of Redcloak, then it will have been time well spent on my part.
    Emphasis added. This statement is as true for TTRPGs in general as it is for stick figure comics based on them. Commenting on the problems humanity faces is something I aim to do with every game I run as GM, and something I try to facilitate in every game for which I am a player. We cannot truly escape from the world in gaming to begin with, for the creators and the players alike bring their view of the world with them.

    Besides, the best form of 'escapism' is the one where the players actually have the power to change representations of real world ills for the better. Hopefully giving them the inspiration and strength to attempt the same, if in more down to earth ways, in real life.

    At any rate, I've no interest or time for something that can't make me think, whether narratively, mechanically, or politically/morally. Hopefully that makes my stance on this clear.
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