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Spoiler: This is the player list in alphabetical order.

Book Wombat
The Outsider

I think JeenLeen (I think it was him) was on to something when he suggested that we just test people in a set order, at least the first go around. We are, in <=10 rounds, guaranteed to catch at least all the original things. In addition, based on who the thing is, we will have a decent idea of which people have been corrupted. After all, it makes little sense for the thing to pick someone who is about to be tested.

That's been a long-winded way of saying I vote to cleanse Apogee1 of corruption. May he remain unharmed and human.

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We get two tests, right rogue_alchemist? Do you want us to vote for both tests at the same time, for instance like this: AvatarVecna?

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Rereading the OP I have realised that we only get one test per day. That makes the 'in order' plan not quite as effective, but I'm not sure what a better one is.
Apogee1 was moved from 11th to 1st (+10)
AvatarVecna was moved from 1st to 2nd (-1)
Book Wombat was moved from 10th to 3rd (+8)
Caerulea was moved from 2nd to 4th (-2)
CaoimhinTheCape was moved from 5th to 5th (+0)
Elenna was moved from 6th to 6th (+0)
Grek was moved from 9th to 7th (+2)
JeenLeen was moved from 4th to 8th (-4)
PartyOfRouges was moved from 8th to 9th (-1)
The Outsider was moved from 3rd to 10th (-7)
Valmark was moved from 7th to 11th (-4)

People who were moved further back are bolded. People who didn't vote Caerulea are underlined. PartyOfRouges and The Outsider are both, although it's hard to say if POR would've voted Caerulea or not just based on that.

Based on this, I'm willing to 100% clear Apogee1 for now, and tentatively clear Book Wombat as well. The Outsider looks particularly suspicious.

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Elenna and Apogee1 raise excellent points, about my plan being a guaranteed lose for town if the thing(s?) are anywhere in the second half of the list I provided. To mildly reduce how dumb I look, I proposed it thinking that we got two shots each day, more if we killed one, which would allow us to clear the list in 5 days maximum. I also planned (if it was followed) to propose we test AvatarVecna and Apogee1 again the next day, as they would suddenly have become the most likely targets for thingification. In general I think repeat tests aren't a bad idea.

Hey rogue_alchemist, how many things are there at the moment?
In hindsight, the underlined bits are even more obvious bits of LAMIST play. The bolded part is where Caerulea publicly states that we can check everybody in 5 days (which, as I pointed out, is a super-bad strategy for town to dedicate themselves to), and then immediately undermines that plan by suggesting we test the same two people for the first two days, even though stating that out loud would ruin the point of it in the first place. It's obvious now that this is yet another way for her to avoid getting tested early (in this case, on D2).

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Cause alphabetical lists look nicer. Not really any other reason besides that. If y'all want I'm fine with getting tested day one. I would prefer someone else only because I know I'm town, but from y'alls perspective you don't have certainty about my alignment.
Doesn't tell us anything about a potential scumbuddy.

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We do have two tests! Excellent.
Spoiler: Vote Counts

AvatarVecna: Valmark, Caerulea
Apogee1: Caerulea
Caerulea: Elenna, Grek
Valmark: JeenLeen
CaoimhinTheCape: Caerulea

I am a little confused by this, but alright.

In this case, my preferance list is as follows:
1. CaoimhinTheCape (Haven't spoken yet. I feel like a thing would most likely not speak as much early, to avoid being the topic of discussion. They get a very large advantage by flying under the radar, and I don't think we generally vote people who are quiet early.)
1. PartyOfRouges (see above)
2. BookWombat (see above, less so because new player)
3. The Outsider (Made a very small contribution who's only effect was to wagon someone who isn't them. Quite suspicious.)
3. AvatarVecna (As above, but it's AV and reading her is hard)
4. Apogee1 (Pointing out that what I suggested is bad (and it is) under the one test per day system, but no investigation really. Easy way for a thing to appear without risk.)
4.5. Elenna (Pretty much same as Apogee1, but slightly less)
5. Grek (Suggestion of ranked preference lists seems good, even if I don't completely understand her proposal)
6. JeenLeen (I like their thoughts, and they are doing some investigative stuff. I don't agree about AV, she might get wagoned but I don't feel like she gets voted off day one that frequently. Also rogue_alchemist might want to give the starting thing to a skilled player)
10. Valmark (Excellent point regarding my list, and is being investagative. I don't think a thing would be that bold.)
11. Caerulea (I am not a thing, and so voting me wastes a test)

Voting AV because I would prefer testing her to me, and Cao in case anyone else wants to try and vote someone who's quiet.

EDIT: Switched vote to The Outsider because they seem quite thingy.
Another list from Caerulea, this time in order of who she suspects. If Caerulea thinks she can get away with things at this point, she wouldn't put a scumbuddy near the top. If she thought she was basically already dead at this point, which isn't an unreasonable conclusion, a list like this is damage control, where she tries to give as much cover to her scumbuddy as possible. Operating on that assumption, we can clear Valmark: townies might accidentally put two wolves at the bottom of their list, but a wolf would feel psychologically pressured not to, because then if one of them gets caught, the people they were townreading the most become more suspect. Don't want them near the top either, in case anybody goes along with what she's saying. Whether she thinks she's caught or not, she probably doesn't put a scumbuddy too near the top right now, and sure enough her top three suspects are all in the crosshairs for the crime of "being quiet" - aka "these townies might not speak up too much in their own defense, and nobody will question me for going after quiet players".

Wolf psychology suggests they'd put their scumbuddy somewhere in the middle of the list. This would be The Outsider, AvatarVecna, Apogee1, Elenna, or Grek. I know I'm clear, I'm 100% sure Apogee is clear right now, and I'm fairly certain Grek is clear too. That leaves The Outsider and Elenna fingered by this post. The edit suggests The Outsider was initially left off her list entirely, and then she changed her vote to him. That very much looks to me like scum accidentally left their scumbuddy off their suspect list and then overcorrected by voting their scumbuddy even though they're low on the suspicion list. It's not looking good for The Outsider.

...and that's the last we heard from Caerulea. Classic "scum shuts up once they know their goose is cooked".

Caerulea ISO looks pretty bad for The Outsider.