At this point I think Apogee and Book Wombat are almost certainly town, because of Caerulea proposing a voting order that would put them at the very start of the list (especially since they were near the bottom based on the player list provided in the opening post). Valmark also gets a lot of townie points for being the first to bring up that Caerulea changed the player order, which is one of the things that made me more sure that Caerulea was a Thing rather than a townie bringing up a bad plan. And of course I know I'm town, and we all know JeenLeen is town, although one of these alignments could change when night comes.

So that leaves AV, Outsider, Caoimhin, Rouges, and Grek.

AV is also near the top of Caerulea's list, but I'm not really giving them as much town credit for that, since they were also at the top of the original player list, and it's hard to think of a list Caerulea could have suggested which would not put AV at the top. Still gives them some townie points, though. And AV was the first one to point out that Caerulea didn't vote for the top two people on their list. Plus it's worth noting that Caerulea wouldn't have been tested if AV had switched to Outsider instead. And I like their ISOs. So AV is always suspicious for being AV, but I'm leaning town on them for now.

Outsider still looks super suspicious - not going to repeat all the arguments that have already been said, but their D1 round 1 posts are sketchy and seem to ignore Caerulea as much as possible, they benefit the most from Caerulea's reordering of the list, they didn't vote Caerulea, and they haven't said anything of substance in this round.

Caoimhin hasn't made many posts but the first one they did make was very detailed and analysis-heavy which I always like. OTOH they didn't vote Caerulea. Slight town lean but I'd like to hear more about what they think now.

PartyOfRouges has said nothing. At this point I'm inclined to leave them alone on the basis that if they're the second Thing, there's a good chance they aren't going to show up to convert anyone tonight. Plus I think Outsider is more suspicious, given that Outsider has actually done suspicious things rather than just doing nothing.

Grek has been pretty talkative, I like their ranked list idea since it creates more discussion and forces people to state their thoughts on everyone which is harder for wolves to fake, and they voted Caerulea. Feeling pretty good about them right now.

tl;dr yup my vote is staying where it is, on TheOutsider.