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I... I don't have a defense. At all. I have literally done everything in my power to make myself look like a Thing, and I did it unintentionally. The only upside is that I screwed this up early, instead of late in the game where it would cost us a victory. I'm voting for The Outsider, because I have absolutely no idea who the Thing actually is.

I'm not a Thing. That's all I can say.
Well there's good news. If you're town, this is literally no danger to you. If we test you, and you're town, suddenly everything you've said gets viewed through the lens that you were 100% townie when they were said. So going from that assumption, tell us your thoughts on people! On everybody! And that way, if/when you flip townie, town has a headstart of looking for the next target. Being tested isn't the end of the game for you if you're innocent, so just get through your analysis at your own pace and post stuff when it's ready. We're all going to vote you anyway, so may as well make the most of our extra time.