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Massive analysis post and a readlist. Let's touch on a bit of that analysis:

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Reading this as null. Yes, Caerulea moved herself off Day 1 of a list... only to put herself on Day 2?

EDIT: OK, this argument makes sense. In a game with 1 Thing game the list change is a difference between auto-losing and having a shot. In a 2 Thing game the list change doesn't make as much of a difference. I'm assuming 2 Things, given that we have 2 votes per day and a 1 player team that could lost randomly on Day 1 wouldn't be fun.
Let's rephrase so you see why this looks weird to me:

"Moving yourself from D1 to D2 tests isn't suspicious."

"I mean, it isn't suspicious if this is a 2 Thing game, which I think it is. If this is a 1 Thing game, it's very suspicious of course."

This kinda looks like a Thing who knows and always knew there were 2 Things, and doesn't get why people are so concerned about Caerulea's list change, then suddenly realizes and edits in his new understanding. Cao's good at analysis, and knows how strong cults can be if they start with too many, I don't think he would've immediately discounted a 1-Thing game if he were a townie. I might be wrong though.
I did assume we had 2 Things from the start, I doubted that we'd have a game that could be ended with one random vote and be over Day 1. By the time I joined the game it was also confirmed to be two votes a day, and a 2/11 chance to hit a thing by pure luck (let alone the analysis that we did). We don't have to risk losing townies to lynches (Hi Jeen) which I assumed would counterbalance the cult starting with 2 players as opposed to 1.

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Caoimhin hasn't made many posts but the first one they did make was very detailed and analysis-heavy which I always like. OTOH they didn't vote Caerulea. Slight town lean but I'd like to hear more about what they think now.
The short version is I think The Outsider is the best vote for today. Everyone did the analysis before me, but the key point is that Outsider didn't comment at all on Caerulea until he was pushed and then put her in the middle of his list.

I don't have too much free time today/before deadline for a longer post though, so short version is all I got for now.