Interesting that most people are going for two votes on candidates for the original Thing, rather than voting for a possible conversion. I guess the difference is that most people have two candidates they're unsure about, whereas I was pretty sure Caoimhin was the original Thing.

That being said, I hadn't considered that Caerulea might have been expecting to move away from their list D2. They did mention that they would have pushed for re-testing the first two people D2, so I guess it's possible that BookWombat could be a Thing despite being tested D2 on Caerulea's list. Still seems unnecessarily risky on Caerulea's part, but maybe Caerulea thought it was balanced out by them being moved to D2 instead of D1.

As such, and because my Valmark vote was pretty sketchy, I'm switching my votes to CaiomhinTheCape and BookWombat. (The Caoimhin vote hasn't changed, I'm just including it here for clarity.)

@Grek what do you think about my/JeenLeen's argument that PoR would be inactive and therefore wouldn't have converted last night?

@JeenLeen why did you pick Grek to vote for instead of Book Wombat, when you said that Grek's analysis seemed townie? I know you gave Wombat towncred for voting Caerulea, but Grek also voted Caerulea?