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    Default Re: GiTP Blood Bowl League: Results, Standings, Schedule, and Leaders

    Holhokki Tapio
    The Soul of the Wood

    Spoiler: New Era Season I Champions Team Roster

    Roster: Wood Elves
    Name: Holhokki Tapio
    Team Colors: Forest and Gold
    Coach/Manager: Thorne Lempo

    No. Name Title Value SPPs Skills
    1 Henkikuus Treeperson 140,000 6 Loner, Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, SA, Take Root, Thick Skull, TTM, Grab
    3 Clifbranch WE Catcher 130,000 22 Catch, Dodge, Sprint, Block, Diving Catch
    5 Nightthorn WE Wardancer 160,000 26 Block, Dodge, Leap, Pro, Sidestep
    6 Sharpbriar WE Wardancer 160,000 20 Block, Dodge, Leap, Fend, Sidestep
    7 Tallgrove WE Lineman 90,000 8 Broken Neck, Block
    8 Moonglade WE Lineman 70,000 5 Broken Neck
    9 WE Lineman 0 Vacant due to death
    10 Nightgrove WE Lineman 90,000 8 Block
    11 Sunthicket WE Lineman 110,000 16 Block, Tackle, Fractured Skull
    12 Redtwig WE Lineman 70,000 5 Smashed Hip
    13 Darktrunk WE Lineman 70,000 1
    14 Dayleaf WE Lineman 90,000 13 Block

    Player Value: 1,160,000 + 20,000 = 1,180,000
    Re-Rolls: 4 (200,000) + 0 = 4 (200,000)
    Fan-Factor: 8 (80,000) + 0 = 8 (80,000)

    Asst Coaches: None
    Cheerleaders: None
    Apothecary: 1 (50,000)
    Trophies: None

    Treasury: 140,000 + 60,000 = 200,000
    Team Value: 1,490 + 20 = 1,510

    No. Name Title Injury
    9 Oaksprout WE Lineman Dead, destined to never grow beyond the underbrush
    11 Sunthicket WE Lineman Fractured Skull (-1 AV)
    12 Redtwig WE Lineman Smashed Hip (-1 MA)
    7 Tallgrove WE Lineman Broken Neck (-1 Ag)
    8 Moonglade WE Lineman Broken Neck (-1 Ag)

    Spoiler: Week One - Team Preview
    The Holhokki Tapio had long guarded the wood, protecting the flora and fauna from depredations, both intended and casual. It wasn't until a band of halflings approached the Glade and asked for something unheard of - special permission to speak with the Tree Spirits. It seems they wished for the Trees that Walk to join them in some strange contest. Even more strangely, the Trees agreed. A contingent of the Wood Elves accompanied 2 Trees that Walk to a gathering made up of dozens of races and nationalities...a Blood Bowl tournament! Thorne Lempo was so inspired by the competition and violent pageantry that he was moved to create a team. A season later, and the Wood Elves were prepared to field their first team. Now it remains to be seen if the Wardancers and their followers can restrain their more aggressive tendencies and follow the rules of the game!

    Spoiler: Week Two - Team Preview
    The first battle match went favorably for Thorne and his team. The skaven lacked the courage and leadership necessary to overcome the clear physical superiority of those born to the wood, and the outcome was inevitable. The finer points of the game, especially the "managerial" elements are still a mystery to HolHokki Tapio, though, as it seems the purse of gold coins is an important element to the game.
    Many of the other participants received far larger purses than the Wood Elves, but perhaps that is to be expected. The team will earn its supporters through exploits and success on the field of battle, and that will bring greater purses. The board shows the next match will pit the team against the loud, hearty and...deliberately paced...dwarves. Speed and evasion will be the key to success. Hopefully the elf queen will shine on her chosen defenders!

    Spoiler: Week Three - Team Preview
    With sorrow and deep regret we mourn the passing of Oaksprout. His shell has been sent home so that he may nourish the forest that provided him life. It is tragic that he fell, not in defense of his land, but in what was supposed to be a sporting exhibition. It is no surprise that the dwarves - lacking in grace, athletic ability or sense of sport - would be the ones to taint the proceedings with a malicious attack. They are barely better than the orcs or ogres that tromp the ground looking for an opportunity to end a life...but at least those orcs and ogres have abrupt, brutal lives to blame for their shortsighted views. We expected more from the dwarves. They claim racial memory of their grudges, but now they will learn of the memory of the elves.

    This week brings a battle against the orcs - for battle it will be. Sharpbriar and Nightthorn will lead the way. Speed and grace will still be our tools, but now we are awoken. These "Red Brick Killaz" must march perilously close to our forests on their way back to their clan. I do not doubt that they will regret that path. Let us hope that we can give them a taste of what awaits them on their long walk home.

    Spoiler: Week Four - Team Preview
    The orcs, as is their wont, substituted brute force in place of grace, elegance or sport. They took delight in intentional injury to Clifbranch, Redtwig and Sunthicket, but all survived. Like the willow, the team bent but did not break, and like the willow switch, stung the Red Brick where it mattered most...on the scoreboard. Week 4 presents a mixed challenge...a team comprised of what orcs aspire to be and what often ends up in orcs' cooking pots. Ogres and snotlings. As always, speed and elusiveness will be the order of the day. To the good, the opponents do not have the same comprehensive strength and skill of Red Brick. To the bad, the snotlings might well prove elusive and troublesome. The team has been training and is really starting to gel, so the focus will be "Score first. Score often."

    Spoiler: Week Five - Team Preview
    Curse that Crow and his prognostication. As he suggested, the ogres were able to send the valiant Wood Elves to the sidelines, allowing the otherwise dismissable Snotlings enough time and space to register a tying score. The team was surprised that a draw was a potential outcome, and while it quite probably benefited Holhokki Tapio this time around, it left a bad taste in their collective mouths. Speaking of a bad taste, the next opponent makes use of that most unnatural of beings...the undead. Even worse, the team includes werecreatures who should know better than to suffer the presence of these abberations. To the benefit of the Wood Elves, it appears that HELL lacks cohesive leadership and that should provide significant advantage. If our directed improvements and advances in practice technique can overcome the innate power and resiliency of the golems and abominations of HELL, Clifbranch, Nightthorn and Sharpbriar should be able to exploit the opposition's weaknesses - lack of speed and flexibility.

    Spoiler: Week Six - Team Preview
    The wretched walking dead - and their wayward lycanthrope - are now in the rearview mirror. It took some doing to wash the stench of rotting flesh off the uniforms, but fortunately that was the largest price to pay. The next opponent seems to be a band of screaming northerners that are not currently tainted by the foulness of Chaos. That, at least, is going to be an improvement over last week. That being said, these Landwasters seem to be well versed in some of the blood bowl techniques - particularly those involving knocking people down. Early reports suggest yet another lycanthrope will be lining up against our team. Fortunately, we have finally received word that one of the great walking spirits has arrived. We'll give Henkikuus a quick primer on the rules of the game, and spend some time teaching him how to knock people down...without falling down himself. Hopefully the opponents won't understand he is new to the game and will dedicate a lot of attention to keeping him in check. That will allow Clifbrach, Sharpbriar and Nightthorn to cause their own brands of Blood Bowl havoc. With the Dark Elves on the horizon, Holhokki Tapio needs some additional polish and experience. Here's hoping that we earn that, and manage to avoid any serious damage!

    Spoiler: Week Seven - Team Preview
    The Norse proved capable adversaries when it came to violence, but Holhokki Tapio remained committed to the objective of the competition - score more touchdowns than your opponents. Henkikuus is slowly learning the ways of the game, and seems properly engaged, and Sharpbriar has shown development in on-field skills. Now, though, comes a time of mixed priorities and emotions. The Dark Elves will take the field against us. Though we don't share the same history with them as our High Elf cousins, the Dark Elves are reviled as sadistic slavers lacking even a grudging respect for any life beyond what it can do to advance their own selfish whims. As such, they should be repudiated at every turn. On the other hand, the goal of the competition is to win the championship. The people who best understand this most human of designs tell us the game will not change our "seeding" for the "playoffs" as we hold the "head to head" tiebreaker against the potential rival for the "top seed". Their wisdom says to avoid risk of injury and field a team of less valuable players. We do not recognize value in the way these humans do, however, and we will take the field as we always do - with the intent to win. We will trust in our skill, our speed and our ability and let Nature sort us out.

    Spoiler: Playoffs Round 1 (Friendly) - Team Preview
    It seems the competition has moved into a new phase - something called "Playoffs". The assigned opponent for the first match of these playoffs is the orcs we faced back in week three. They have grown more odious, but also in skill, so this will be a challenging match. As always, though, their feral nature can be turned against them and they remain vulnerable to distraction. It will be telling how they deal with Henkikuus, and the improved offensive threats of the Wardancers and Clifbranch. It is no secret Red Brick would prefer to soften us up for a potential future match. Instead, we will use this opportunity to better learn their weaknesses and to improve our play. Let them bring their spikes and their anger. We will answer with touchdowns and dance.

    Spoiler: Playoffs Round 2
    The Norse faced the Ogres in an aggressive match, and thanks to their superior skill, the Norse won out and will take the field against us in playoff round two. The first match was a brutal affair with at least 5 serious injuries, including two deaths...and the Landwasters have become even more proficient in the last two weeks. And now word is they will receive a significant financial incentive to participate in this match. One would think that the opportunity to compete for the championship trophy would be incentive enough for any team, but that won't be the case. Given the tightly contested match in Week 6, this should be much closer than the final regular season records would suggest. With two lightly armored squads, early casualties might well make the difference and tip the balance firmly in favor of the group inflicting the damage. Neither team can afford to lose players, particularly the highly skilled key players in both uniforms. It is time for Henkikuus to pull his (prodigious) weight, Nightthorn and Sharpbriar to continue their exceptional two-way play, and Clifbranch to stretch the field. The Landwasters will bring their frenzy of violence, likely supported by magical mercenaries and professional Blood Bowl mercenaries. We shall see who fortune, skill and will favors.

    Spoiler: Playoffs Round 3 - The Championship Match!
    The final match has been scheduled and we once again face the brute force of the Red Brick Killaz. They have continued to grow in both size and talent, and despite our two previous victories they are not to be taken lightly. As many Blood Bowl pundits have said, it is very difficult to beat the same team three times in one season. We, however, have not been stagnant either. Our deep strike players have honed their skills, and our home guard have learned more of the specific techniques required to move opponents in the directions we wish. Though we have not added what some call a "quarterback", we have even shown the ability to fling the ball down the field even move even more rapidly. The opponent's greatest strength is...well, their strength, augmented by weeks of training on how to apply that strength. Since it cannot be turned against them, it must be overcome. Water and wood will be our way. We will flow around the opponent, finding out way through their smallest crack. We have brought forth the spirit of the wood itself, and will use the the strength of the oak to occupy the attention of the orcs where we can.

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