[Battle Creek Falls]

Another person has made it here ahead of June. Having finished his early morning exercise slash quarry boulder smashing job, Jedrek jogged up to the peak of the trail to the base of the waterfall. Not the coldest waterfall he could meditate under, but you don't meditate in the freezing waterfalls daily. That's more of a weekly thing. Jedrek removes his gi and royal purple belt, placing them over a nearby branch so it doesn't get wet. This leaves him in little more than a tightly bound loincloth before he takes his place under the waterfall, sitting on a rock in a lotus position.

Jedrek is tall and the presence he exudes only amplifies that even though he doesn't tower. One of his most eyecatching features is the angular sweep of his chin, which cuts directly across your field of vision like the horizon whenever he turns to look you in the eye with his dark brown, intense gaze. His face is ruggedly distracting, from the dimpled chin to his perpetual growth of brown stubble. His hair sweeps forward over his wrinkled brow, slight bangs hiding the worry from his face. His teeth clench with an audible creak anytime he forces a smile. It sounds like he could crush a coconut with the pressure that jaw exerts.

The rest of his form is somehow just as impressively masculine as his face. A neck knotted with muscles that would make it as thick as his head were it not for his jaw. Pectorals covered in a mat of short, thick hair and arms used to lifting whole trees up onto the broad expanse of his shoulders. A search for abdominal muscles past the flowing water running down his chest would be fruitless, because visible abs are a sign of a vain being who commits to exercise merely for the sport of it. Instead, just above his waist, a strong flat stomach leads down into legs that are strong enough to support this exemplar of ruggedness and the burdens he carries.

If Paul Bunyan, Bruce Campbell, and Gaston were mixed into a blender and used to make a monster wrestling clone-child, this man would likely be taken for his smaller, more handsome twin.