[Battle Creek Falls]

Jedrek, on the other hand, sensed her approach from a good ways away, but chose to ignore her for different reasons. For starters, that's part of meditating, even if it is a little rude. But mostly he ignored her because she didn't say anything when she approached. He is generally content allowing the other person to speak first, if for no other reason than not having any idea what to say if he did speak first. His studies rarely included conversation skills with random strangers in the woods.

Nor did they include a manual for what to do when someone who was ignoring you suddenly stops. Ah, she didn't see him. He mistook ignorance for mutual respectful silence. He was focusing too much inward and not enough on understanding the stranger in his surroundings. A failing on his part. Her chi felt... different. Even with the Nexus was full of unique people, she had been... touched? By something. He knows not what.

Without opening his eyes, Jedrek replies in an incredibly deep, smooth voice that played over the ears like rich velvet. "It is no trouble. I apologize for startling you."