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I'm a bit confused by the lists... Initially I thought they were objective (at least the statistic) but they clearly aren't or untested people would have higher chances... I think. But then you speak of them as if you're looking at facts and not your own thoughts and that just confuses me.
Apogee was maybe the N1 conversion. That's a possibility I can 100% acknowledge. But who looks at everything that happened D2 and would then choose to convert Apogee N2? Same goes for N3, Apogee is an awful choice because they're definitely going to be on the chopping block - it's frankly a wonder they didn't get tested N2.

Similarly, let's assume that Apogee was the N1 conversion, and had to pick the N2 conversion. D2 was focused entirely around testing the untested. Apogee is currently untested. Does he pick a second untested as the N2 conversion? If he does that, and town continues only testing untested people, there's a 50% chance Things lose the whole thing on D3. This goes for if Elenna or Grek was the N1 conversion as well - none of those three would've converted one of the others N2. And I'm inclined to think that scumteam would be nervous about converting any of the three of them N3 either - even knowing that town is thinking about these things, it's still a risk converting the untested.