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So, D3 we know she was Town, so everything she posted checks out. Obviously. In addition to this you know what I think about putting in extra work (which is why I'm not overly convinced Grek's a Thing or Town- she puts in the extra work, but I don't know her well and some things she wrote are suspicious in hindsight and presentsight) so I can't say anything bad about her.

On D4 she kept it up and there was something I didn't get, which she explained in a way that makes sense to me- I have no reason to vote for her when I have better candidates for my votes.

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Apogee1 time! And they actually look less Thingy then I thought they would.

Spoiler: Apogee1
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Yeah Iím fine-ish being voted here cause it would be foolhardy to let people endgame without being tested once.

If we are hunting for n1 conversions I think AV is a bad choice however.

N2? More reasonable maybe. Then again they havenít posted yet so Iíll reserve judgement.

Iíll vote in like 10 minutes for Grek and a to be determined +1 once I get a chance to be on a PC so I donít have to struggle with color tags in mobile.

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Grek and JeenLeen

Grek should be fairly obvious why

JeenLeen just kind of struck me as the most likely previously tested person to be converted (either night now) for vague reasons.

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As part of an experiment and to explain to Valmark in part what I was going on about with early voting -- I'll give 60% odds on exactly AV and I being tested today and 90% at least one of us will.

Which well might be defensible with the state of this game, but its not ideal in half the circumstances early wagon inertia seems to come up in.

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I disagree strongly with this for the record.

I assume this is based, in part, off of Cao's SOD2 wallpost.

I think it is exceptionally strange to not mention one of his thing buddies in a post where he selfvotes. Unalign yourself and all that.
Besides voting for Jeen for 'vague' reasons and disagreeing with me there's nothing that jumps to mind here- and disagreeing with me isn't a Thing move. Especially since Apogee wasn't implied where we disagreed.
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Can we get a source on this

A few places I've "argued against it quite a bit"
To be fair, I haven't seen bad responses from them either.
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I canít decide if I want JeenLeen or Valmark as my second vote.

On a reread, I somewhat disliked one of Valmark posts earlier today (Iíll pull it up in a second).

AV is like a possibility I suppose

But I highly doubt they were a thing before tonight. And I have a sneaking suspicion the n2 thing has already been tested idk.
The post showed up waaaaay afterwards, nothing else to say here.
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Grek needs a test today.

I can't give you a reason why AV got tested over me but I mean, if you want to push the (incorrect) angle that "I have a thing buddy (in this case, exactly one) trying to keep me off the vote" I'd suggest, you know, coming up with who that might be?

Because, I have the unique position of knowing that all three top wagons considered yesterday were town. I was wrong on JeenLeen being converted. So, no things were really in danger. Sure, Grek and like TO and Valmark (which I think contains 1+ thing as a group but that's a seperate issue) got discussed or voted a bit, but weren't really going over.

I also thing the AV votes are mediocre especially in retrospect.

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Is not listing me as a n2 an oversight or because you don't think I was the N2 for some reason?

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Similarly AV

Why'd you think it was an off chance I flip thing? AFAICT that wasn't really a position you had held earlier?

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To clarify myself, this was votes on AV not votes by AV

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Valmark can you talk about your progression from this post into:

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voting Grek here?

Because it seems you've come away with having no thing suspects but me, but haven't actually cleared a bunch of people, and end up on Grek who you just pretty strongly townread?

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Grek and The Outsider.

Something something maximize the chance of hitting the n1 idk.
Apogee1 voted congruently on their words from even the earlier day and asked some questions to push people's reasoning- that's actually pretty Towny.
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Oops completely missed that part :/

Yeah I'll go more into depth on Grek later but yes I have a reason for going for them beyond not being tested.

Although apparently? I've missed there are only two other not tested n1s which makes this a lot easier for me I thought there was one besides TO Grek and I.

Well that fits at least.

Clearly I'm tired.
Nothing to say here besides that you forgot Elenna.
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I again (for the third consecutive day) am feeling AV as not a thing.

So I feel goodish? on TO and Grek as containing one.

Well it does for sure unless Elenna is a thing.

Maybe I should see if I think that's the case.
Coherent, you remembered Elenna this time.

You still haven't talked about Grek, besides that... I don't feel as strongly about your Thinginess as before but currently I can't use my vote on you for anything useful so I'd rather keep it on you to have people pay attention when going back to check this Day.

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Book Wombat

I don't actually have anything to say on this, an incorrect vote count and voting.

It looks like BW went back through the thread before voting so presumably they had some thoughts- would like to see them.

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In fact since voting Apogee1 is currently useless let me switch to Book Wombat and Grek, so that when in D4 there will be a vote pointing to the issue.