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Instead justification is that I've been more active than usual and do good analysis. That doesn't seem like a good reason to me.
In my mind, Things are going to want to convert people who are trusted and have made positive contributions throughout the game. This both destabilizes the Town's ability to catch more Things and helps them to hide themselves. Meanwhile, converting the already suspicious only helps to fulfill one of those objectives.
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You advocated for testing the re-tested and voted both untested and re-tested both toDay and last Day. That... Confuses me.
I'm trying to split the difference. I don't want to focus solely on the re-tested and exclude other possibilities.
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He's just going along with one person I said to vote, instead of pointing out (what should be, from TO's PoV) an obvious flaw in my voting plan.
I honestly wasn't trying to mirror you there. I was more focused on catching the N2 conversion (which might have been a mistake) and fell back upon my previous reasoning for why Valmark might have been converted.

I'm kind of panicking here. Because I know I'm Town, and if Grek is unexpectedly telling the truth then we might just be about to lose the game the way this vote is shaping up.