Apologies Iíve been driving a lot these last few days.

But letís talk Grek.

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1. AvatarVecna, as despite the prophylaxis of suspicion, I think he was converted N1.
2. Apogee1, mostly due to Apogee seeming very focused on not getting tested. Yes, he says he's fine-ish with being tested, but he also argues against it quite a bit.
3. The Outsider, because clearly we can't tell if they're being scummy or not.
4. JeenLeen, because I can imagine the Things trying to exploit already tested bias.
5. Elenna, because she's been very on point about ferreting out Things so far.
6. Grek, because while I know that I'm not a Thing, it WOULD be nice to have the Town know that too.
7. Book Wombat, by virtue of the odds. Nearly tied with Valmark below on that basis.
8. Valmark, by virtue of the odds, and making some good points about Apogee1.
So I could continue on with Grek and like d1 and why heíd fit as a conversion and all that and might go back and do so.

But like, can we just think about this list for a second. Iím not really sure how to describe what I think is thing-y about it, but I think it is thing-y if that makes sense? Like a bunch of small things. The placing of himself 6th. The reasons on Jeen and TO like, feel thin? Obviously at least 3/4 of the bottom 4 are wrong but town are wrong plenty as well so thatís more an aside. I think him pivoting off me so fully on the basis of AVís read is strange.

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I guess like, thereís some weird team with like, Elenna and 1+ of AV/Valmark we are losing to right now.

But I donít think? Thatís the case. Guess itís worth a last minute thought

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Anyways also regarding Grek ó I remain convinced self-voting Cao is going to mention/shade a partner while going down. Grek like, falls right there. And like, he fits all the markers for an n1