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    Quote Originally Posted by JeenLeen View Post
    Haven't had time to read up, but posting to avoid the autolynch in about 30 minutes.
    I didn't see my autolynching previously, but if I missed it and shouldn't be posting, sorry.
    I think you're good. Very long story short, vote The Outsider and either Grek or Valmark. I keep flip-flopping between those two in my head, but I'm feeling super-solid on TO. EDIT: At least part of that is, I'm sure enough that TO is about to get caught out, that even if Grek or Valmark isn't a Thing, it'd be good to get them confirmed trustworthy. This is extra-true of Grek, who's made a lot of arguments and has a lot of analysis. But if it's just gonna catch a second Thing, as I suspect, that's even better.
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