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Wombat/Valmark isn't guaranteed to catch a Thing. Rather, the logic behind that vote pairing is that you two the only ones who seem like plausible N2 AND N3 conversion targets, making for a mirror of the N1/N2 situation with Elenna/Outsider/me. The raw stats are better going by AV's numbers, but again as you've noted those are AV's numbers and are premised on the Things definitely not double-converting untested people. If we allow for a small chance that they did double convert untested people, either through scum error or as a weird WIFOM ploy, you're basically back down to even odds with Elenna/The Outsider, Elenna/Grek or Grek/The Outsider as a vote. Hence why those four were my possible considerations in the post above.

Side note: Everyone keeps noting that I seem like I post more than I do. Which, yeah, fair cop. I'm a fairly terse writer and struggle to spell out my thoughts explicitly. But my analysis has been consistently useful, as people have noted, and that makes it so that the stuff I do post has an outsized impact on the conversation. I don't feel like that should be a scum tell so much as a 'Grek is just like that' tell.
Oh I see, makes sense voting BW then.

Saying how you seem to be posting more is less of a Thing tell and more of an alert sign- and can be a tell if summed to other things (something like two things being a coincidence and three being a scheme).

I was told multiple times how I make a lot of noise with little substance, so I kinda have the opposite problem (although I don't think I was terribly active this time around).
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I'm trying to split the difference. I don't want to focus solely on the re-tested and exclude other possibilities.
My confusion was because you've voted one tested and one untested on the previous Day too (switching from two untested)- so I don't see how it was a 'mistake'.
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Haven't had time to read up, but posting to avoid the autolynch in about 30 minutes.
I didn't see my autolynching previously, but if I missed it and shouldn't be posting, sorry.
Nah, haven't been auto-lynched.