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    The day ended (about 15 mins ago). I have to go tally, but no more votes.

    Final vote count:
    Grek (5): AV, Apogee, Valmark, Outsider, and Elenna
    Outsider (4): AV, Elenna, Apogee, Grek
    Valmark (2): Outsider, Greg
    Book Wombat (1): Valmark

    Not voted: Book Wombat or JeenLeen

    Grek and Outsider both get tested. Neither one of them is a Thing. BOTH are normal.

    @JL: you would have been fine because you voted D3, so it was N3, D4, N4 before you would have been lynched on D5 with no activity.

    2 town not voting really hurt because it was 3 Things vs 3 town instead of 3v5.

    With Christmas around the bend and going into tomorrow being 4v4 (assuming BW actually shows up to vote). I am going to call this for the Things. All they have to do is coordinate all of them votingthe same2 people at beginning oddly tomorrow and it is won, so rather than drag that out, I decided to end it.

    Elenna, Valmark, and AV were the things (recruited in that order).

    The thing qt is here
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