For me, there is a big difference between a work of fiction and a TTRPG, and while work of fictions have at their core the goal of communicating ideas from the authors to the readers, a TTRPG has at its core the goal to live a positive experience with the other players.

Having realistic problems in the TTRPG can be used by the players as a catharsis to fight against them in ways they can't in real life (and "finally getting rid of corruption") or to do things they don't do in real life ("being a corrupted official" for fun). But too much realism can devolve into personal arguments and division around the table, sabotaging the main goal of a TTRPG.

Those same arguments happen for works of fictions in heated forum discussions, but the goal of a book is not to have nice forums, while the goal of a TTRPG is to have a nice ambiance around the table.