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    Quote Originally Posted by Mechalich View Post
    One of the issues with politics in VtM is that the system lacks what I'll call a 'currency of conspiracy.' For a very literal example of what this is, see the golden coins of John Wick. Specifically, there needs to be some medium through which power can flow and exchanges can be recognized. Vampires doesn't have this. .
    Well they do, it's called 'Prestation' AKA good, old fashioned favours.
    You do something for me and I owe you one.

    The Prince can't offer you a million bucks to do something,
    Why can't he do this ? Presuming you want money

    Yes the Prince and the Elders have the right to beat you down if you screw up, but that's just a stick, the systems is decidedly deficient in carrots. All they can really give you is the right to make new vampires.
    Or create ghouls. Or gift you the right to hunt in certain area's that might have been off limits to you before. Or even give you exclusive rights to hunt in an area. Or appoint you to a position in the city. Or just money or Prestation. Or if they owe you BIG the right to commit Diablerie on the next lower Gen. idiot who gets himself blood hunted. Or y'know anything you're character would value you can think of. I had a Toreador obsessed with Fencing who was rewarded for taking a dangerous mission with a original 16th Century fencing manual (both nice for my character and OOC training with it allowed my character to buy up his Melee to 5)
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