Gamelines struggle with putting out published linear Adventures that don't manacle parties to someone's precious authorial vision, let alone give good advice on different campaign-styles best practices. I don't hold new GMs too much to a higher standard starting out. This ttrpg thing is still a very new game concept (arguably 1960s to 1970s in its recognizable Ur-form), so there is a lot of art and received best practices involved in its production.

As for this topic I don't want to scare away the OP or any others who are curious.

I will say the Coterie is a blessing to new GMs. The mission-based structure with freeform political sandbox between missions helps ground an otherwise 'frighteniningly' loose structure. People innately get playground "reindeer games" and its unpleasant complications thereafter. Adding a similar-aged cadre to survive the politics of cliques helps make the experience palatable -- barring circular firing squad PvP pathology.