I want to like AGE, but there's a few issues that stop me. Mainly the fact that the advancement of health and damage is completely out of sync leading to padded combat at higher levels, and that there are a couple of duff Talents. Don't take Music, it's benefits are incredibly situational, and the designers even admitted this and gave the much more generally useful Performance Talent in the Fantasy AGE Companion. Contacts is also questionable, as written in Fantasy AGE it's an air-breathing mermaid, but the Modern AGE version makes the intended benefits (skipping a lot of rolls to investigate and get favours) explicit.

On that note, I'd recommend Modern AGE over Fantasy AGE. Character creation and advancement is much less restrictive, weapon proficiency is gone and thank goodness because it was redundant, there's a wider variety of corebook talents, a wider variety of corebook subsystems, Stunts have had a reworking and a re generally better, Health has been lowered and it advancing is now optional. In many ways Modern AGE feels like the second edition, while some changes are because it's no longer following the D&D model there's also a lot of things that feel like bug fixes.

Note that Modern AGE drops a couple of things people expect these days, like finesse weapons. If you use it in Melee you add Fighting to the attack roll and Strength to the damage roll, if it's a ranged weapon you add Accuracy to the attack roll and Perception to the damage roll. Whether or not this is good is personal taste, but I felt like Fighting in Fantasy AGE was incredibly unimportant.

Another thing to realise is that magic is less powerful and versatile than in D&D. Mages (and Psychics in Modern AGE) are still worth playing, but Power Point reserves don't allow for continually spells. In Fantasy AGE be prepared to use your Arcane Blast and a lot and be annoyed that you don't get many Talents, and do not play a full mage in Modern Age, at the very least pick up a combat-related focus and a couple of noncombat Talent trees.

The Stunt mechanic is very good though. You'll find players get Stunts a lot, and that many Talents, especially combat ones, have 'you can perform a certain Stunt for less' as one of their benefits. It makes two mundanes fighting more interesting than it is in D&D.