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My only 2 issues with Modern Age over Fantasy Age is that magic is optional in MA (meaning you could end up with a GM who refuses to allow it) and that there are no races in MA either as far as I have seen.
Those are both intentional. Modern AGE is primarily meant to run Present Day Present Time settings first and foremost, things like urban fantasy and cyberpunk are secondary concerns. There's no playable non-human species because there's none in real life, and magic (and psychic powers) are optional because they don't exist in the real world (according to current science, at any rate).

Classes and specialisations being less impactful is also a feature not a bug (and Modern AGE finally went classless anyway). Classes represent your rough combat role (support, ranged fighter, or melee fighter), while specialisations are just Talents with greater in-setting implications. I find the Fantasy AGE Companion has some of my favourite specialisations, alongside options like Paladins you now have things like the Gangster and Spy specialisations that implicitly connect you to in-setting groups.

Fantasy AGE shares a lot of assumptions with D&D via the Dragon Age games. Modern AGE actually steers more towards heist movies, noir, and the more grounded edge of the cyberpunk genre. The lack of nonhuman PCs has actually lead to more flexibility in character creation, as characters get a wider stay off potential starting Talents just from the Backgrounds and Professions in the core rulebook, and can actually start off more specialised. The only downside is that you do have to deal with characters being able to communicate and research as long as the power is on.