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The thing is, none of the explicitly Jade spells do actual damage. It's just that now there are arcane spells that aren't attached to any specific Lore, but are modified by whatever Wind you're channeling, presumably to give spellcasters some measure of variety besides the 7 or so spells each Lore has.

So if you cast the Bolt spell on a creature that ISN'T an undead or a Daemon, all Fatigued and Bleeding conditions on that creature are removed after the spell's other effects finish, since you channelled Ghyran to make the Bolt and your target recieved a shot of Life energy in addition to the damage of the spell. If that same Jade magic Bolt spell were cast at an undead creature, however, it would deal extra damage that ignores Toughness and Armor.

A Bolt spell cast by a Bright Mage, on the other hand, has a chance to set its target on fire, while one from an Amber Mage can magically induce a Fear condition and Gold Mage's Bolt ignores metal armor and does extra damage depending on the targeted body-part's Armor Value.
I can't tell if this is intentional or just sloppy editing. It could be no one stopped to think "okay, but what if a green mage casts Bolt on an enemy?". Especially giving all the other stuff I've heard. That said, if you like Jade magic, I don't know if I'd be put off by that alone.