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Thread: WHFRP: Learning The Ropes?

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    I have yet to start my 4th ed campaign yet, so I might have overlooked how a few things work in practice in the new edition, and might be leaning on old favourites which aren't as useful as they used to be.

    Generally, the aim-for Talents for melee combat were traditionally Strike to Stun, Strike to Injure, and Strike Mighty Blow (and Accurate Shot for ranged characters). Now, with no bonus attacks, Furious Assault and Riposte are going to be nice for a melee character to get extra hits in. Add to that, anything that ignores armour or chooses target location (Deadeye Shot, Sure Shot, Careful Strike) is always going to help when dealing with armoured foes.

    The Stat Bonus Talents (Marksman, Cool Headed, Lightening Reflexes, Savvy, Suave, Very Strong, Very Resilient, Warrior Born, etc) were always mandatory picks as soon as you could get them, since they were cheap as far as stat upgrades go, and as they add to your base stat, they don't inflict an xp cost on future upgrades either.

    Luck and Hardy are always worth getting as Fortune Points are life and Wounds, well, are even more life.

    If you intend to use the Medicine skill ever, get Surgery. Even if you're not, get Field Dressing, because bleeding will happen, and it will probably happen to the party Surgeon.

    Oh, and Sixth Sense, just because you never want to be in the situation where that would have saved your characters life.
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