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What other things HAVE you heard, out of curiosity?
I can't remember the details, just that using magic is supposedly counter-intuitive in how difficult it is. I admit I wasn't paying attention because I don't plan to play a magic user if I ever get to try WFRP 4E.

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I'm inclined to say it's fairly intentional; pretty sure that the various magical Lores aren't intended to be equal in all areas. Yeah, so, throwing offensive magic around as a Jade wizard isn't a great idea - but your allies will love you for your defensive magic that removes Bleed and Fatigue on them, as well as whatever other bonus effects it has. Whereas they're going to be just a smidge annoyed that the Bright wizard set them on fire trying to give them magic armour. Or the light wizard blinding them while enchanting a sword.
That's fair. WFRP wizards are meant to be specialized and if you choose Jade magic, you're not really supposed to be smiting enemies left and right with magic bolts.

It's always worth remembering, too, that Warhammer Fantasy has never gone for strict combat balance in the way that D&D tries to. It shoots more for campaign balance; if you can't contribute much in combat, you can almost certainly contribute lots out of combat while the party's main fighters are a lot less helpful - and combat isn't the focus of the system by any means, not least because if you try to dungeon crawl everyone just dies messily and quickly.
I feel like WFRP is still pretty combat focused, just not as much as D&D.