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Alright, this game has been way too silent. Let's take an hard stance.

PartyOfRogues, then. Anybody got anything to say?

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Right, I should speak up first.

It's kind of an arbitrary decision from the biggest wagons- in this case I went for the one that is usually the least online.
I like that Valmark is starting discussion, but why poke a quiet player if your goal is to get people to talk?

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Unless something really wonky is going on with the power distribution, our player count means 1 or 2 wolves. I expect 0 neutrals for this game. If there is just 1 wolf, I anticipate they have a really good power. If there's 2, probably normal powers. More wolves seems very unlikely, unless we're in a situation like the townies have powers and the wolves have none.
IMO two wolves is more likely, to avoid the awkward case where town gets lucky and lynches the only wolf D1. But this is an AV game, so who knows, I'm sure there's some unusual roles around somewhere.

The four-way tie is interesting but I'm not sure how much information we can get out of it before we see some flips. Could be that the wolves were fine with all the targets, could be they were only fine with the first person to hit 2 votes, could be they wanted the lynch target to change but decided that with more than half of D1 left it wasn't worth drawing attention by changing votes, could be Valmark is a wolf who wanted the lynch target to change...