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What size is the extra hit die? Remember, I can totally have a crazy multiclass character with one level in each class, so it can't be determined by class. Medium sized NPCs usually use d8s for their hit dice, so that might be an option.

Alternatively, whenever they spend hit dice to heal, perhaps they regain additional HP equal to their proficiency bonus.
At an absolute minimum the language needs to be clarified, so thanks for the catch. However, has there been anything released updating how HP calculations are done? Note that you get HP equal to your hit die at first level, which could result in different hit point totals later for PCs with the same class levels. For instance, my understanding was that a 2nd level barbarian/wizard could have either 12+4+2*CON hit points or 6+7+2*CON hit points depending on what class they were at 1st level. Because of this I intended the extra hit die to match the one you get at 1st level.