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I'm now wondering- why is it that you'd rather have someone else choose?
I wanted to wait until the morning to answer this to give others time to vote/respond before I answer. I wish more had been said, but I don't have time to wait around and still make sure I get this in before Day's end (if, as I think, the Day is ending today.)

Basically, I know I'm Town, so I'm more curious leaving that to others to see if someone makes a play to save The Outsider or PartyOfRogues. If either is a wolf, my leaving my vote off for now should potentially make the wolves more nervous and more active to act to save their buddy. (I didn't want to mention that while unvoting, but since attention has been brought to my actions, it's probable enough the wolves are thinking about it, so I might as well say why.)

It was also that (in the scenario that both The Outsider and PoR are Town) I think PoR's death will give more intel regarding some players than The Outsider's death will give. Since (as you pointed out and I overlooked) my vote put The Outsider in the lead to die, I hoped by that unvoting PoR would get back in the lead once The Outsider did a self-preservation vote.

Is this correct?
PoR currently has 4 votes on them, with Captain Cap and The Outsider at 3.
If I put a 4th vote on Captain Cap, PoR can do a self-preservation vote on Captain Cap. So Captain Cap dies, but we don't get much info from the death.
If I put a 4th vote on The Outsider, PoR is still up for lynch as "first at 4", and actions by others could yield interesting info. E.g., if anyone votes The Outsider to save PoR, or moves to the PoR wagon to make it less likely a last-minute vote lynches The Outsider.

So putting my vote back on The Outsider.
Seems the best way to gain info, if anyone responds in an odd way.
I will check back sometime before 2 pm in case my putting my vote there didn't do what I thought it would, but otherwise I don't plan on changing my vote. Really, right now I hope PoR gets lynched to yield info, but I'm willing to risk The Outsider getting lynched in hopes of more info.