Just crossed out my first vote, though I can't say I'm exactly on board with voting Captain Cap... I just don't have anyone else I particularly want to go after?

I'll be around in the next 2 hours before deadline (mostly) so if anything changes I should see it. Just not sure there's much to do.

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So... not much is happening. If PartyOfRogues was a wolf we would have probably seen more effort in defending him.

Is there anyone for a quick new train on someone else? If I'm not wrong we still have 2.5 hours.
That's fair, but you are also now defending him (in a way) and looking to change the vote. Admittedly I have a town read on you atm so I'm not going to push it, but you are doing what you're saying no one has done to protect PoR.

PartyOfRogues (4): Book Wombat, Captain Cap, Valmark, The Outsider
The Outsider (3): Caerulea, Elenna, JeenLeen
Captain Cap (3): Libro, Xihirli, CaoimhinTheCape
Xihirli (1): PartyOfRogues