Day One Ends

Spoiler: Votes
PartyOfRouges (4): Book Wombat, Captain Cap, Valmark, The Outsider
The Outsider (4): Caerulea, Elenna, PartyOfRouges, JeenLeen
Captain Cap (3): Libro, CaoimhinTheCape, Xihirli

Tie. Going to tiebreaker...

PartyOfRouges it is.

"I say it's the outsider among us!"

"I say it's the only one of us pretentious enough to call himself Captain!"

"I say it's the first guy again!"

Everybody turned to the last voice, which came from the town mute.

"You could speak? This whole time?!"


"Sounds like deception to me. Let's find out what else you've been lying about your rat-faced cur!"

PartyOfRouges was lynched. They were a villager.

Night Ends In 48 Hours