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Thread: I wrote a Zelda RPG

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    Default I wrote a Zelda RPG

    Hey guys. I wrote a Zelda RPG. It's pretty rules light, less than 8 pages of actual text. Most of the rules for the game are inspired by D&D B/X, Into the Odd, and a few of my own past homebrews.

    I made it deliberately simple so that my nephew could play it. He's 6, and had a great time with it, as his first RPG experience. So that's a win in my book. It's the most limited system I've ever written, because it almost exclusively uses only a single d6. Most of my family doesn't own dice, and it was written for them.

    I'd really appreciate it if you guys could give it a look. It'll help me get my mind of the project and back on school, you know, where it should be. PEACH.
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