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    I actually nerfed a couple spells compared to how they are in Zelda, it's not very balanced but I don't mind too much. I wanted to keep the list short but I definitely do want to add more arrows. Most of the spells are actually from Zelda 2 and A Link to the Past.

    Magic is based on the other 2 because HP growth is based on Power, but it is pretty clunky and I want to revise that

    I think the finding things in combat thing may be good, like a table for enemy drops or whatever. But the "better at breaking pots" type thing i feel would be better as a DM creation.

    There's actually no hookshot on the items list, and I didn't give them descriptions because they can be used any way the player thinks. I allowed a player to flip a switch behind prison bars by casting a fishing rod at it. I feel giving suggestions limits player ingenuity.

    Armor is definitely poorly explained. I'll be fixing that up in the next draft.

    Thank you for taking the time to read!
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