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Yes, that's right.

I had it that way because thresholds are how shields usually work in the series--blocking up to a certain strength of attack, and then not at all past that. But it's not very elegant at best, and super confusing at worst.

I want to keep something that will help a shield feel like a shield instead of just having it reduce damage. Maybe each shield will just have it's own durability? It would act like extra HP until it breaks. But that could be too much to keep track of.
Well perhaps it would be best to start with just calling things what you want them to represent makes it easier for the players/readers to try and figure out what you're doing.

So let's say we have Armor, Shields, and Resistance.

Armor = Reduces damage

Resistance = Halves damage

So what would we do with Shields?

How about: when you are hit if you are using a Shield you may choose to block with it, negating the damage. But the Shield takes 1 damage. When a shield is dropped to 0 it is destroyed.

Then the shields you pick up throughout the game have some amount of health from 1 to 10 or whatever is balanced for the game in question.