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    Race information:

    -Humans, still diverse:
    Humans in the land of Velt are largely as diverse as you might expect. Grafschaftians are lightly olive to fair skinned, with all hair besides red and black being common. The Xiotabenese are slightly darker than the Grafschaftians typically. Black hair is predominant, and is generally worn longer on both men and women there. Green shades are common for their eyes, as most have at least some form of elven heritage. Kentakonshians are the darkest skinned. Northerners are lighter than southerners, who can reach shades of dark brown, but still darker than the majority of others. People from the island of Geck, off the southeast coast of Grafschaft and known for it's gunmen, are somewhat different than their mainland cousins. They tend towards olive skin and brown hair, though immigrants are seen throughout. Finally, the people hailing from the small series of snow-covered islands to the northwest of Grafschaft and the south east of Xiotabe, The Islands of Frost, are very pale, but hardy from their life in the savage lands. They seem to possibly have dwarven or even giant heritage, although the connection is lost to ages, much like the Xiotabenese to elves.
    -Grafschaftians represent standard humans, via PHB. Their language is Common.
    -Xiotabenese lose the bonus skill points, and gain +1 on spot and enchantment spell saves, from ancient elven heritage. Also, Weapon Proficiency: Shortbow. Archery is valued as a art in Xiotabe, and most residents have had some contact with it. Their language is Xiotabenese, from the elven alphabet, and is used as Common in their lands.
    -Kentakonshians lose the skill point, and gain fire resistance 2. Their language is Sandspeach.
    -Gecks lose the bonus feat, but gain prof. with the "firearm" catagory.
    -Those from the Islands of Frost lose the skill point, and gain cold resistance 2. Their language is a slight variant of Common with no name.

    -Gnomes, influenced by steampunk:
    The largest gnome concentration is in Grafschaft. Specifically, in the independent, but Grafschaftian friendly, state of Caldera.Other than this area, gnomes are spread throughout the lands, wherever they can find new toys, knowledge, or gems.

    Gnomes first invented the first non-magical steam engine 89 cycles ago, and the 90th anniversary is drawing near. Since then, they have managed to incorperate this finding into their society. Using these engines, the pioneered non-magical automation in mining and hauling. Within the last few year, they have begun mass producing "steam-legs" for their specialized military division. However, since this invention, they have begun to lose touch with their natural side, and elder gnomes are beginning to notice this in their younger generations that are tending towards science over magic.
    -Lose "Speak with animals" spell-like ability, and gain "Heat Metal", 1 target.

    -Dwarves, a race divided:

    The dwarves inhabit the souther region of Grafschaft, as well as having some minor presence in Eastern Kentakonshia.

    The Dwarves, are currently split into two factions: The Boulderbacks and the New Dwarven Revolutionaries (NDR). The Boulderbacks, in the east of Dwarven lands, is older dwarves, and they reject the new, unproven (In dwarf eyes) gunpowder tools and weapons. They are named after their leading clan. The NDR was founded a little over 150 cycles ago soon after Gunpowder materials were discovered in the Eastern Dwarven Mountains. The NDR members fully embrace the new technology, and are mostly younger dwarfs Both are on friendly terms with the Kingdom of Grafschaft were they reside, but they each follow their own racial leaders.

    - Boulderbacks represent standard PHB dwarves.
    - NDR dwarves lose their AC bonus against Giantkin, most Giants reside in the East, and many NDR westerners never see one. The practice of training against them has faded in these revolutionary dwarf's teachings. They also lose their stonecutting ability, and their +2 bonus on Craft checks that are related to stone or metal. They gain +4 to Craft checks involving Explosives, and Endurance as a bonus feat. The NDR dwarves tend to live in shallower, blasted-out caves instead of complex networks like their conservative counterparts, so the art of stonecutting is slowly being lost to them. When NDR dwarves take Weapon Familiarity, it applies instead to the Exotic Explosives. They gain +1 damage when using all explosive Exotic weapons, and Grenade-like weapons. They also tend towards Neutrality a bit more than Lawful, unlike Traditional Dwarves, but Chaotic ones are still quite rare.

    -Elves, reserved and aloof:

    -Drow, Shadow-weavers undergoing revolution:
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