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    Default The blood of thelanis - a magical drug for a mob game in eberron

    So in the recent months Iv'e been trying to write a new addition to eberron. A city that is some sort of a portal between Thelanis and Eberron, located somewhere on the borders of the eldeen reaches. The combination of refugees, tourists, traders and workers made it into a a rich port city that transports goods through the magical river that crosses through thelanis, thus making a shortcut through some of the rougher middle parts of the continent - under the payed guidance of a fey or changeling guide. of course.

    The idea of the city is to be a place for mob focused, godfather-esque games. Fae courts functioning similarly to foreign mobs coming into the city in order to take control, with fairy mobsters and all the fun cliche blends that can come from this sort of city.

    Now, I decided that the Fae would need their own illegal product to transport into the city - and I thought a drug of some sort would be appropriate, something which is inherently related to the thing that powers thelanis itself - stories.

    Now, I still don't have a flavor text. The basic idea is something like that -
    The drug interacts with your inner "story", the story that you tell yourself ABOUT yourself. As long as you are under its effects, in addition to experiencing minor reality warping (seeing enemies where you think there are, etc.), you also get advantage on all d20 rolls that you make when you make a decisive act according to one of your personality traits - but you need to make a wis saving throw in order to take an action that goes against these traits, and you make the roll with disadvantage even if you do make the save.

    What do you guys think? is it balanced? non-balanced? cool, or needs to be something else entirely?
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