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I'll be honest, I was thinking I overcorrected hard but was second guessing myself the whole time. I'm also horrible at figuring out LA so almost all of the time I'm just spitballing in the opposite direction of the target.
Ah, no worries, I gaze in undisguised jealousy at the prodigies in the LA Assignment Thread. It happens.

I was worried about the STR bonus too much because I was tired and forgot how ability modifiers worked. I should really pump it up a bit. Yeah, Drive of Strength was initially a challenge type effect and you gained morale bonuses that lasted a day for how high the CR of the enemy was after defeat. I rewrote it because of the aforementioned stupidity. I should probably modify HMN to be Int instead, as that fits the flavour better than Wis anyways, plus it fits with the ability score adjustments.
Learning more about your campaign setting, Drive of Strength doesnít seem as bad. Low-level mishmash like the zombies shouldnít be much trouble with 3.5eís broken mechanics, even in hordes. Unless the zombies can infect people, of course. Then it becomes a serious problem again.

Though there is the issue of a GM trying to get people to move along instead of drudging up sessions with lengthy fight scenes. I donít think thatís necessarily an issue, though, hearing your intentions with this homebrew.

Initially I had the DC for Unnoticeability being 20+Cha+Level, and everything else was based on that, but I overcorrected. Any suggestions on a workable DC? I was actually thinking about bringing large head down to a 1 range increase and +1 to confimation roll.
Seems ok if itís all zombies, actually. Zombies have pitiful WIS. Might be an issue with hostile survivors though, but I donít see that as necessarily a bad thing. I honestly think it might be better to maybe tone down the ability and the nerfs? A lot of 3.x high LA races have this issue where theyíre extremely powerful in one very specific way so get nerfed to the Abyss and back for it. Usually they have this issue where theyíre insanely good for that one specific build type and completely incompetent at everything else. Dunno, your choice, maybe you want a highly specialized race, most people donít think itís as bad a thing as I do.

Kinda figured, I wasn't expecting them to be anything special. The brief description didn't give me much to work with on these. "Six six-foot retractable appendages sprout from your back. You can control them perfectly to walk or attack with. You view everyone as prey and get frustrated without a steady source of XP."
Seems ok, yeah. There are a lot of contexts where 3.x treats zombies as non-living things as therefore ineligible for the racial trait. Not sure if thatís a bug or a feature.

The only races are: Humans, Oni, Nurarhiyon, Arachne, Avian(which are just claustrophobic humans with retractable wings and flight), and Elemental (basically just Genasi). The only real enemy is different types of zombie a la Left 4 Dead.
Sounds cool, thanks for the information. I assume youíre refluffing the raptorans or using a template for the avians?