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    Races of Serinba'al

    Of the Prime-Kin and Para-Kin

    The majority of the sentient beings that live on the charred surface of the Lands of Torment are the various elemental races -- the ifrit, the oread, the slyph, and the undine. In addition, the other populous races of the Lands of Torment -- the yueyangren and yueyinren, as well as half-yueyangren and yueyinren, qahngol, sanesaram, halflings, and gnomes -- are also elementally aligned with the Elemental Strongholds associated with the so-called Prime Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Wood are known as 'Prime-Kin' or 'Primes' or 'Elementians'. These 'Prime-Kin' can be found throughout the wasted regions of Carcharoth, as well as the various half-worlds which lie beyond the moon gates, such as Seapasia. In addition, there is a less-diffuse population of sapients oriented towards the Paraelemental Strongholds of Magma, Sun, Crystal, Metal, Silt, Rain, Vapor, Frost, Lightning, and Fume. These latter element-kin are known as Para-Kin, or Paraelementians. The vast majority of their population resides in the Paraelemental Theocracy of the True Drakes, and they are treated with suspicion outside this nation's boundaries. Such caution is well-warranted, given the Theocracies expansionist ethos and insatiable hunger for living sacrifices to the Paraelemental Princes and Princesses of True Evil.

    -Kirin Shen
    -Qahngol (Variant Half-orc)
    -Sanesaram (Variant Dwarf)
    -Yueren (Variant Elf)
    -Dragonborn (Dray)
    -Daelkyr Half-Blood
    -Empty Vessels


    The enigmatic species known as atodilophs are said to have been created as the children of the now-deceased goddess Seraenestres, the Balm Maiden, the Mother of Healing. In the wake of the Wars of Purification which brought an end to the Age of the Claw, they turned their devotion to Ardat-Līlīṯ, the infernal Queen of Plagues. Their caravans transverse the wasted regions of the Temple-States and beyond, bearing mysterious alchemical wares which attract both considerable curiosity, as well as many fists of gems. Their homeland is believed to lie in the vicinity of the tarrek city-states of Kareth-Scra, to the south of the domains of the Obsidian Compact. Here, they must take great pains to conceal themselves from the warlike overlords of Kareth-Scra, for they are relentlessly hunted by ravaging war parties of tarrek hunters.

    Like many races of the present benighted age, the bulk of their population is generally believed to subsist in the subterranean reaches of the world. Indeed, it is rumored that the white gnomes who live in the deep places beneath the temple-state of Tha'ar the Golden host caravans of atodilophs within their worm-dug cavern settlements, and that it is from these same emissaries that they secure certain alchemical weapons which they have deigned to share with the Cult of the Sleeper.

    While they are covered in dense armor and are also equipped with savage claws, the chief defense of the atodilophs is their ultimate command of biological warfare. Since becoming devotees of Ardat-Līlīṯ, the atodliophs have become expert manufacturers of all manner of parasites and viruses. Being themselves immune to poison and disease, they arm themselves by traveling in festering plague clouds that will strike down even the hardiest wasteland warriors who attempt to penetrate and despoil and atodiloph caravan.
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