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    Seapasia: Half-World Domain of the Temple-States

    Of the realms of Seapasia -- domain of the Temple States, the Lands of the Altar

    The moon gates which stand in the center of each of the temple-states of Carcharoth lead to a strange simulacrum of our world. In most major respects, Seapasia appears to mirror the eastern reaches of Carcharoth, though in another time, or an alternative branch of the stream of time, or some other mode of varied representation. Here, the second sun does not hang low in the heavens, consuming the sky and dislodging fearsome bands of sutak and other servants of the Elemental Stronghold of the Sun. Here, there are surging rivers of sweet, fresh water that drain into oceans of acid and poison. Here, the clouds are not universally tainted with soot.

    The Dreadlords continue to hold the dry and wasted lands of Serinba'al under their oppression because they dominate the considerable resources of this parallel dimension. Here, rich veins of metal continue to give forth ore, whereas the gaping mines of Carcharoth were long since dried up from over-exploitation. The broad rivers of Seapasia water dense, rich soil which provides food for the teeming millions of the temple-states. Certainly, this is not a gentle or hospitable territory, despite the riches it offers the Dreadlords.

    Indeed, the flora and fauna of Seapasia are comparably ferocious to those of Carcharoth. The dense cover of the Slothaurim and Slithoorg jungles contains gigantic man-eating plants, as well as reptiles and insects of enormous size that will overrun any unwary travelers. Massive behemoths roam the Serrated Savannah. The coastal regions are dominated by stretches of blasted ebon waste known as the Blight, and which are believed to stem from an ancient incursion of the mysterious Leviathans during the Visceration. The oceans which surround the Alchemical Isles, home of Kaer Drakona, are tainted by poison and acid, and are host to ferocious monstrosities, including the mythical sea worms known as the Sul-Quat.

    For this reason, a raised network of roads known as the shabhaka connect the individual temple-states to one another, as well as their most important client cities. Each of the shabhaka is a massive construction which rises in a dozen tiers of diminishing size. They are each joined to an aqueduct that supplies fresh water for travelers. The uppermost tiers of the shabhaka roads are only for the use of the warlocks of the Dreadlords and their most trusted servants. The lower reaches are employed by the militaries of the temple-states. The lowest tiers are for traders and commoners.

    The skies of Seapasia are illumined by three suns and three moons. The territory is not situated on a sphere -- the borders of the land are defined by a strange phenomenon -- in the furthest reaches of the Serrated Savannah, the Sea of Poison, or the Slithoorg Jungles, the traveler who attempts to journey beyond the confines of the demi-world appears to walk or sail forward, but mysteriously finds themselves headed back towards the center of Seapasia. It is not known exactly where the borders of the territory rest, and they may be slightly variable. Nevertheless, they encompass several million square miles. Because Seapasia is not a sphere, the revolutions of the suns and moons are a matter of some uncertainty. They appear to follow some sort of predictable ascent and devolution, even though they do not orbit a planet. A thousand, thousand constellations fill the night skies of Seapasia, and this plentiful zodiac is the subject of much speculation by the court astrologers of the temple-states.

    To the east lies the Seas of Acid, of Poison, and of Venom. These caustic expanses surround the Alchemical Isles, the domain of Belsariyan the Elder, convener of the Obsidian Compact. The sprawling city of Kaer Drakona dominates the deadly seas of Seapasia. The Seas of Venom, Acid, and Poison are all undrinkable, and are brimming with vast swarms of undead and mutated sea life. The depths of these bodies of life-taking water are extended by the mysterious reaches of the Second Deeps, immense, virtually lifeless and lightless chasms filled with the detritus of unknown eons. It is widely believed that the bottommost extent of the Second Deeps reaches its nadir at a point far below the opposite measure of the highest levels of the atmosphere. Within the Sea of Poison, the Alchemical Isles are sites of danger and opportunity.

    The coastal regions of the territory are in part scorched by the mysterious Blight. Records recovered from ancient ruins suggest that this ebon reach of territory resulted from an incursion by the fearsome entities known as the 'Leviathans' during the distant Fifth Age of Serinba'al. They also contain the ruins of Veldigris, the ravaged city of Dreadlord Veslimgore. It is known as the City of Despair and the Lost City, among other fearsome titles. Recently, the Company of the Broken Tooth, a renowned company from the temple-state of Tha'ar the Golden, has returned with warnings that some dread power again stirs in the depths of long-abandoned Veldigris. Whether it is truly the return of its Dreadlord, or some other foul entity, remains to be seen...

    The interior of the land is dominated by the forbidding heights of the Flail Mountains. The three arms of the Flail Mountains encompass the Plain of Tusks, the Trogg Badlands, and the Valley of Giants. The Plain of Tusks is contains the lush expanse of the Scimitar Forest, and is so named because of its high population of pachyderms and rhinocerotoidea. It is also the domain of the warring realms of Q'i-X'ian and Merowa. Dreadmaster Timrujin the Fierce of Q'i Xi'an the Shining and Dreadmistress Olbanyx the Cruel of Merowa the City of Phantasms have engaged in a prolonged cold war known as the War of Whispers almost since the first days of the colonization of Seapasia by the armies of the Obsidian Compact. Each desires complete mastery over the endless supply of ivory to be gleaned from the Plain of Tusks, as well as the miraculous metal-hard trees of the Scimitar Forest. indigenous tribes of the plantlike mandragoran and erahthi attempt to avoid the predations of Olbanyx's armies of evolved gorillas and Timrujin's legions of blood mages and onispawn.

    The Valley of the Giants is dominated by the ruins of some previous age. The greatest cities of this territory are Tha'ar the Golden and Suuur of the Lilac horn, the respective domains of the twin upstart Dreadlords Kaltorr and Gedeyon, who displaced a previous triumvirate of the Obsidian Compact when they rose to power over a thousand years ago. The recent disappearance of Dreadmaster Kaltorr during a ritual within the Inverted Pyramid has resulted in an uncomfortable cease fire between the forces of the draugothim's remaining warlocks, their ifrit servants, and the other inhabitants of the Golden City. Kaltorr's twin has begun preparations to retake the city, and fears an attack from Ukkur, now that the twin's alliance has been thrown into chaos. The two city states of the Valley of the Giants control the most important trade routes which connect the coastal temple-states like Pelos with the interior, most significantly the route which joins Merowa and Q'i-X'ian of the Plane of Tusks with the Red and Terrible City of Ukkur, which lies in the westernmost reaches of Seapasia, on the border of the Hellwaste.

    On the western border of Seapasia lies the Hellwaste, a terrifying desert of blood-hued sand the disgorges distorted abominations from its depths, where, it is rumored, rise three immense black mountains beside a deep lake of black ichor. Defending the temple-states of the Obsidian Compact against incursions from this forsaken land is the Red and Terrible City of Ukkur, domain of Dreadmaster Hambadan the mighty. His legions of obsidian warforged and manticora war ceaselessly with the terrors of the Hellwaste. Long has Dreadmaster Hambadan sought vengeance against the upstart twins Kaltorr and Gedeyon, who dispatched the three Dreadlords who once ruled Tha'ar and Suuur, and were old allies of Hambadan from the days of the Wars of Purification.

    On the northern borders of Seapasia are the fetid expanses of the Slotharim Jungle, the Mangrove Sea, and the Serrated Savannah. The Slotharim Jungle is split by the rushing waters of the ubburu river. The greatest city of the Slotharim Jungle is Calital the City of Sacrifice, domain of Dreadmaster Tapancal the Devourer. At the summit of the Endless Stair, the Dreadmaster has opened a million throats to drain into the Maw of Yyrkun.

    The eastern shores of Seapasia are breached by the inlets of the Sea of the Serpent's Tongue. At the joining place of its branches stands the great temple-state of Pelos the Opal City, ruled by Dreadmaster Drospteran the Victorious. Drospteran is unique among his colleagues of the Obsidian Compact in that he rose to power by election within the preceding republic of the Pleiadesian League. Gradually, he assumed all major functions of government -- the chief justice, the high priest, the general of the legions, and so forth, until he had, legally, subsumed all power within his own person. The Great Houses of the Pleiadesian League continue to mourn the loss of their previous eminent position, and have concocted many rebellions against their ageless master over the last several millennia.

    The southern reaches of Seapasia are dominated by the Slithoorg Jungles. The Jungle of Slithoorg is a vast tropical domain which could easily swallow the entirety of the northerly Slotharim Jungles. It is believed by some that the two were once joined in a previous age, and that they surrounded and encompassed the Flail Mountains. The Slithoorg Jungles are dominated by the remnants of an ancient halfling civilization. Immense step-pyramids stained by millennia of blood sacrifices raise from the sweltering canopy. Like the northerly Slotharim Jungles, the Slithoorg is a dangerous environment – poisonous sap, immense man-eating fly traps, and clouds of sulfurous pollen render any travel hazardous. The Slithoorg is also believed to house an ancient Yuan-Ti civilization.
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