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    The Secret History of the Lands of Torment

    What I write below will scarce be given credence, even among the wisest of sages, for many of its implications are either too strange or terrifying to countenance. The many myths which have been told of the foundations of this world are nothing but a veil hiding deeper, stranger truths, perhaps ones so strange that it required an outsider such as myself to unveil them.

    In the beginning of things, there were but three great powers in the universe -- the creators, the sustainers, and the destroyers, which represent the three great principles of creation, balance, and destruction. These principles were incarnated in the enigmatic entities known by many names, among them the 'swords', the 'rings', and the 'orbs'. The first are great embodiment of chaos, darkness, and destruction, and manifest as immense black pyramids. The second sustain the universe and each appear as a gray toroid. The final party are the principles of creation and preservation, and manifest as white spheres. These entities, which number, collectively, a little less than a thousand, have assumed an infinite number of guises over the unimaginably long history of this planet.

    What exactly these beings are is perhaps unknowable. Great machines created by the first sentient life in the universe? The last survivors of a previous cosmos? Infinitely advanced examples of the draugothim and phoenixes? It is impossible to say. They have been called by many names -- with the 'orbs', also known as the brah, commonly venerated as a the 'gods' of various peoples. The 'swords', known also as the shiv, for their part have long been suppressed, and dominate the mythologies of numerous peoples as 'titans', 'prometheans', 'elder gods', or other such entities. They are also, I now firmly believe, the self-same Leviathans that almost destroyed the world during the fifth age in the aeon of destruction known as the Visceration. At the beginning of time, the brah and the shiv strove mightily and both expended themselves in a conflict known as the Dawnfire. This left the toroid entities, known also as the visnu, uncontested in their domination, which extended throughout the now forgotten First Age, which was not, in fact, that of the ogres, as is commonly believed, but rather a miraculous age of mechanical wonders. The domains of the Clockwork Empire and its Artificer Princes, which have arisen in the amethyst plain to the south of the Temple States, are, I am convinced, the last survival of this distant epoch.

    The cataclysm which ended the Eighth Age is commonly believed to have resulted in the death of the majority of the gods, who have now been replaced by the sodalities of the devils and demons. This is not, in fact, the case, for the lords of the high hells and other demonic regions are, in truth, but alternative guises of these self-same entities, who have merely assumed a darkened persona in the awful tenure of the Ninth Age. Take, for example, the patron of the disease ridden atodilophs -- the goddess Seraenestres did not fall in the Godswar, but rather took on a more malevolent aspect. This is, I realize, a hard truth, but it remains true, regardless of its hardness...

    --Amon of Tha'ar the Golden (formerly Lt. Clive Barrow)
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