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    Eastern Carcharoth

    The primary powers of Eastern Carcharoth are the Temple States of the Obsidian Compact. Each of these entities controls a large fortification which surrounds their respective moon gate that connects the former metropolis to its reincarnation in Seapasia.

    The major features of this region are similar to Seapasia, despite its complete lack of surface hydration. The shores of Carcharoth are washed by the great sand seas of Khilletzbaal, Baalshillek, and Ashtartyaton. The imposing massif of the Flail Mountains still dominates the center of the land, and the Trogg Badlands and the Valley of the Giants rest within its forbidding embrace. In Serinba'al the Plane of Tusks is filled with elephant and rhinoceros graveyards, there are no flora besides spiky cacti which sometimes grow to the height of towers, and the verdant regions of the Slothaurim and Slithoorg Jungles are completely absent. The wastes between the fortified moon gates of the Temple-States are dominated by feral tribes which ceaselessly test the defenses of the Obsidian Compact's client cities and villages.

    Dominating the sky is the horrific, horizon-consuming expanse of the second sun, a burning star that came to rest near above the scorched planes of Carcharoth at the beginning of the Ninth Age. Night only comes when the second sun revolves display its dead far side to the wasted domains of the Temple States.

    The northern reaches of this area are referred to as the 'Forbidden North', and are, in the main, even more desolate than the territories of the Temple-States.

    North of the Temple-States is the Peninsula of Ankylos, which is ruled by the Para-Elemental Theocracy of the True Drakes. Clerics of the Para-Elemental Strongholds of the Sun, Silt, Magma, Rain, Mist, Frost, Crystal, and Metal, persecuted in the lands of the Temple-States, openly venerate the dragon-like representatives of their respective Elemental homes. In the Eighth Age, it is believed that the Theocracy was devoted to the previously dominant elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, which have since declined precipitously in strength. The city-states of the Theocracy are ruled by ascendants similar in mien to the draugothim of the Temple-States, albeit that they draw their power from their respective Para-Elemental Strongholds, instead of the Abyssal Void. Each city-state is ruled by both a priest queen and king. They are served by ranks of elemental clerics known as maobeds who oversee the armies of the Theocracy. The Theocracy is divided between the vast Plateau of Kyloss, which rises over a mile from the barren lands of the surrounding peninsula, and the surrounding wastes. The success of the Theocracy is severely hampered by the intense infighting among its member states. Currently, the priesthood and forces of the Para-Elemental Stronghold of Magma are in the ascent, as represented chiefly by the 'Four Flames', the city-states of Sharbrad, Dezgal, Torkikar, and Gezgul. The Theocracy desperately wishes to seize Seapasia from the Dreadlords, but has never come close to achieving this aim.

    To the west of the Theocracy rises the immense massifs Chalgor and Urkhon, the Twin Dooms. These volcanoes each rise over 1,000 miles in height, and dominate the horizon of the Forbidden North. Several lesser fire mountains, each larger than Everest, surround each of the Twin Dooms. This entire region is known colloquially as the 'Great Caldron' or the 'Great Caldarium'. Several colonies of the Para-Elemental Theocracy of the True Drakes are situated on slopes of both Chalgor and Urkhon. The regions of the Great Caldron are also dominated by other species such as the firenewts, the ifrit, and the others.

    The Serrated Savannah lies north of the Temple-States. Unlike it's representation in Seapasia, this arid veldt of dry, thorn-laden flora is dominated by the Pyro- and Cyro-Mantilid Khaganates. These insect peoples ruthlessly hunt the last remnants of the former Empires of the Sun and Moon, who have largely sequestered themselves in their own half-worlds beyond a small number of well-concealed moon gates.

    The eastern border of this region represents the center of Carcharoth, and is dominated by the Sand Sea of Karkoon.

    The western arm of the Flail Mountains and the massive range known as the Stegotaurus Mountains conceals the sauroid realm of Gaiana. Servants of the beleaguered Elemental Stronghold of Earth, the sauroids have long resisted the encroachment of the Dreadlords upon their sacred lands, a perhaps hopeless charge which they pursue in concert with the hidden druidic city-states of the Bay of Solace. They are periodically subject to raids from the Temple-States, the Slaver City-States of the Shivering Plain, and the intermittent tarrek expeditionary forces from Kareth-Scra.

    Between the Sand Sea of Karkoon and the westernmost arm of the Flail Mountains and the Stegotaurus Mountains extends the treacherous reaches of the Shivering Plain, an immense cracked badland habitually riven by unnatural earthquakes and tremors. The Slaver City States and the Forgotten City States of the Shivering Plain are pitiable remnants of vibrant civilizations from the Eighth Age.

    The Obsidian Compact has long since despoiled the land of hard metals, and the tribes of the wastes rely chiefly upon jade for their armor and weapons.

    The southern territories of the Temple States have recently come under siege by the tarrek armies of Kareth-Scra, and the Dreadlords have been slow to react, disbelieving that these lowly creatures could possibly pose a threat to their invincible and unending dominion.

    While the surface life of Carcharoth has been definitively curtailed by the ecological destruction wreaked by the blight mages during the Wars of Purification, the subterranean realms have correspondingly burgeoned in scale and development. Beneath the blasted surface of the Lands of Torment vast civilizations of troglodytes, duegar, white gnomes.
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