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What keeps the secret of the SF from spreading? Basically everyone knows how it works and itís a common item in the Thirdersí supply chain, easily looted in the case of a failed expansion. I donít see how it wouldnít spread to other cultures given this much time. Sure they wonít switch over to mass production, but I can see even slightly more efficient farming (or slave labor) being used to have small SF crops as part of a luxury market.
Silver Fruit are extremely finicky to bark properly, it requires a lot of training and is fairly miserable. Other cultures do harvest SF, but it is an exotic trade item like Apples or Strawberries in medieval times. Basically any culture could switch over but it would take over their social structure because it requires such extensive training.

There are other cultures that focus-farm them with different structures, I'm still working on those. I don't want the cultures to be copies of real world cultures if possible.