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    The Domination of the Obsidian Compact

    The Obsidian Compact of the Dreadlords refers to their empire as the 'Domination'. It also uses this term designate several administrative districts, what might, in another polity, be referred to as 'provinces'. The primary divisions of the Dreadlords' realm, as contained both in the half-world of Seapasia and the charred lands of eastern Carcharoth, are as follows:

    The Domination of the Plane of Tusks
    The Domination of the Valley of Giants (this Domination was lost a thousand years ago to the upstart twins Kaltorr and Gedeyon, but continues to be viewed as a lost territory by the Obsidian Compact. Hambadan of Ukkur purports to have jurisdiction of this Domination)
    The Domination of the Thera Draconis, the Isle of Belsariyan the Elder, Doom of Serinba'al, Chief Minister of the Ebon Steeple
    The Domination of the Slothaurim Jungles
    The Domination of the Serpent Coast
    The Domination of the Hellwaste
    The Domination of the Illuminated Desert (this Domination of the ruined temple-state of Nekher-Set is now only theoretical)
    The Domination of the Mangrove Sea (this Domination of the ruined temple-state of Simran is now only theoretical)
    The Domination of the Blight (this Domination of the ruined temple-state of Veldigris is now only theoretical)


    The de facto capital of the Obsidian Compact is the great city of Kaer Dracona, which consumes the majority of the Isle of Thera Drakonis within the Alchemical Sea. Here stands the Ebon Steeple from which Belsariyan the Elder, First Minister of the Compact, presides over what the Dreadlords firmly believe to be the greatest imperial power to have ever, and that will ever exist. The monolithic Cothon of Kaer Dracona intermittently dispatches expeditionary fleets of its fearsome lucrehulks, dolorous vessels captained by warlocks and crewed by half-crazed warriors and war beasts of war mutated by the Belsariyan's miasmic Cloud of Hate. These ply the treacherous waters of the Sea of Acid, Sea of Poison, and Sea of Venom which surround the Alchemical Isles.

    The partial ruins of what appears to have been an immense bridge of glass are visible in the roiling caustic deeps between the Alchemical Isles the Serpent Coast.
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