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    Kylosadron: The Paraelemental Theocracy of the True Drakes

    Perhaps the second most powerful political body in the continent of Carcharoth is the large theocratic regime which lies to the north of the Domination of the Obsidian Compact. Excluding some colonies on the slopes of the Twin Dooms, the Paraelemental Theocracy is predominantly contained upon the Ankylos Peninsula, a large protrusion in the furthest northeasterly regions of Carcharoth.

    Its geographical position creates easily defensible borders for the Theocracy -- on three sides it is surrounded by the Sand Seas of Shirikti-shuqamuna, Gemegishkirihallat, and Deemethereesu. The remaining land bridge which joins the Theocracy to the greater body of the continent of Carcharoth is heavily fortified with extensive defensive trenches and forts.

    The interior of the Theocracy is dominated by the Great Plateau of Kyloss, or Kylosarodan. which rises over a mile into the heavens above the surrounding plains of charred earth. Above the plateau circles the great Typhoon known as Kralizec a remnant of the previous dominance of the representatives of the Paraelemental Stronghold of Rain within the Theocracy. Even with the recent emergence of the city-states known as the Four Flames to preeminence, the rain remains the next most prominent faction within the nation. Kralizec waters the Great Plateau of Kyloss with heavy rains that provide the Theocracy with a virtually inexhaustible resource of dense, arable soil, perfectly calibrated to provide sustenance for the teeming millions of the nation's many city-states.

    In the Eighth Age, this territory was known as the Elemental Republics, the Prime Elemental Republics, or the Republics of the Prime Elements, and the allied city-states of this non-authoritarian union were loyal to the Prime Elements -- Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Wood. At the beginning of the Ninth Age, the Prime Elements were weakened by the extensive blight magic released during the Wars of Purification. In their stead, the Paralements of Magma, Metal, Crystal, Fume, Silt, Rain, Vapor, Frost, Lightning, and Sun came to prominence, and the former republics were reconstituted as an authoritarian theocracy. The apogee of this transformation occurred during the Drake Wars, when the drakes of the Paralements emigrated en masse from their respective Elemental Strongholds and drove out those of the Prime Elements.

    Like the Domination of the Obsidian Compact, the Paralemental Theocracy of the True Drakes has suppressed the historical record. The ruling caste have altered the accounts of the founding of the Theocracy to claim that it rose from an empire instead of a republic, a cynical strategy intended to reduce discontent with the present caste system.

    Since this time, known as the Paraelemental Ascendance/Ascendancy or the Paraelemental Triumph, the species affiliated with the Prime Elements have been subjugated as an underclass within the Paraelemental Theocracy. The ranks of this underclass were also swelled by refugees from the ravages of the Wars of Purification, who welcomed into the Theocracy, and then promptly enslaved to till the vast fields of the Great Plateau of Kyloss, or provide sacrifices for the great step pyramids which stand at the center of every one of the Theocracies conurbations of any size. Additionally, they may be subjected to a brutal ritual known as paramorphysis, whereby the elemental alignment of a being is shifted from a Prime to a related Paraelement.

    The ruling caste of the Theocracy is divided between the 'True Drakes' -- awakened paraelemental drakes of great power, many of whom are also clerics of their respective Paraelemental Stronghold, and the Paraelemental Dragons -- 'advanced beings' of a similar sort as the draugothim of the Obsidian Compact, albeit ones that draw their powers from an extra planar paraelemental power source, instead of the despoiling of the earth. The True Drakes are more numerous than the Paraelemental Dragons, but no one is individually as powerful as the Paraelemental Priest Kings and Priest Queens that, as a mated pair, each rule one of the Theocracies city-states.

    The only entities of greater power than the Priest Kings and Queens in the Theocracy are the Paraelemental Exemplars or Truest Drakes, enigmatic awakened drakes of immense age who are each the size of a mountain range, more a land feature than a creature. These entities are effectively minor Elemental Lords, and rarely appear to the wider citizenry of the Theocracy or speak directly to their lesser kin or clerics. However, in the few instances when they do directly intervene in affairs of state, their wishes are invariably heeded. At least one is known to subsist within the great typhoon that hangs perpetually above the Great Plateau of Kyloss.

    Even within among the duplicitous ranks of the Paralemental Strongholds' most sinister cadres of servants within the Theocracy, those of the Sun are especially noteworthy. Indeed, while the Four Cities of Brass may presently appear to represent the greatest power within the Theocracy, and thus the greatest threat to the lands beyond its borders, it is in fact the servants of the hateful Sun that pose the most dire threat to the continuation of life in Serinba'al. The appearance of the Second Sun in the heavens above Carcharoth during the Ninth Age was no accident, but was a deliberate stratagem by the Paraelemental Stronghold of the Sun to dominate Serinba'al. The First Sun shed several subsidiary stars at the beginning of the Ninth Age, and the Second Sun, the first and half-formed of these, was only the first to arrive. Many more will alight in the skies of the Lands of Torment within the next few decades, promising to drown these gods forsaken lands in a fiery doom. This malign plan
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