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    Somewhat like what I said before on my recruitment page, but I'll repost it here with tweaks to the higher level stuff:

    Remove the d4 boost option from Encouraging Casting -- the temporary hit points are good enough for a feature like this. If your targets find a couple easy ways to nab resistance to a damage type, this is just as good as something like the bard's Song of Rest or the Inspiring Speech feat.
    Eyes On Me should either be usable twice per short rest or a number of times per long rest equal to proficiency bonus.
    To make Casting Nexus sane, you'll have to downgrade the spells the smiling trickster can give to others to those it can cast on its own or make it so that it can only acquire temporary spells known from others (and not spell slots) but let them get twice proficiency bonus in spell levels too. The former option is more personally powerful, since it can still allow the character to cast 9th level spells, but it is less broken than my other potential fix. The second option is a nerf, but still allows the rogue to give a 9th level spell known to a caster that normally doesn't get that spell on its list (see wish to a druid, shapechange to a cleric, or true resurrection to a non-divine soul sorcerer with twin spell!), though I still think that's broken as hell even with you only getting it as late as you do. But that's epic tier for ya. And it'd be fun either way.
    Ultimately, whichever you pick, that last feature makes a smiling trickster every sorcerer's best friend.
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