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    Yellow Mist of Doom

    The deadly phenomenon known as the Yellow Mist of Doom or Yellow Mists of Doom or the Sulfuric Mists was a toxic miasma of caustic yellow gas which roamed the wastes between the Temple-States of the Obsidian Compact, manifesting what appeared to be a kind of malign intelligence in its search for prey. For many years, the obstacle presented by these strange mists heavily curtailed any overland communication between the Temple-States in Carcharoth. However, they mysteriously declined in their presence and predatory voracity, opening the way for renewed intercourse between the urban settlements in this region of the world.

    The inhabitants of the wastes developed several adaptations to survive the presence of the Yellow Mists of Doom. For instance, the Roo of the Kataga Tribe are known to have protected themselves with the aid of gas-devouring pods with which they developed a symbiotic relationship. The Krohn-Raad Tribe of the Jaamhakar peoples retrofitted filtration devices from an ancient ruin in the depths of the Valley of the Giants.
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