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    Therianmorph Tribes

    The so-called therianmorphs or 'beastmen' are a highly variable collection of species who, legends tells us, were created by the humans of the alliance of coastal city-states which contained the bulk of their population before the Wars of Purification. The therianmorphs were created as servants and companions to the humans, but the virtual annihilation of their creators during the creation of the first blight dragons released them from bondage, and led the vast majority to disperse throughout the wastes, far from the ruined citadels of their former masters and creators.

    There are thousands of therianmorph species, but some are more prominent and widely known than others. For instance, the species known as the Roo or Ryu are kangaroo therianmorphs who occupy substantial territory in the hinterlands of the Trogg Badlands that lie between two arms of the Flail Mountains. The Roo tribes are feared throughout the Domination of the Plain of Tusks because of their raids upon caravans journeying from coastal cities in the Domination of the Blight and the Domination of the Serpent Coast to the interior regions of the Obsidian Compact's lands.
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