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    Is there any history of blights afflicting the plant, or has the constant tending weeded out the afflicted plants and kept the impact small?
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    This. We've seen monocultures before, especially in Ireland, right before the Potato blight. It was not a pretty sight.

    If a newborn parasite, newborn locust swarm, or god forbid, a highly effective and contagious disease were to hit them, how bad would it be?
    Really, really bad. There are multiple breeds of SF based on climate thankfully, so it takes adapting one of the other bushes to the local conditions and losing a few provinces entirely. I would file that as one of the reasons why of 90 provinces that have been established, 30 have been lost. Attempts to settle in areas too wet, too dry or too mountainous led to collapses and replacement by mixed societies that are better adapted to the local conditions.

    In essence the SF is a kind of equilibrium trap, in that it pressures the population to grow constantly and overrun its local resources. There is technological and cultural development, but without changing their agricultural system they won't escape the trap itself. It is self perpetuating. It's also not an appealing system to live in so people generally don't want to convert to SFism.
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    Vibranium: If it was on the periodic table, its chemical symbol would be "Bs".