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    Default Re: Interacting factors in a plutocracy: build your own conflict


    At least one religion in the region should support wealth pursuits as a virtuous goal, ala Prosperity Gospel. The best way to ingratiate it into the population, even the failed entrepreneurs and the "gave up" segment, is to incorporate (pun not intended) it into daily subsistence survival. I suggest an agriculture deity, home-and-hearth deity, or some other aspect of comfort, succor, or sacrifice.

    Having a religious representative buy into the social structure by using believer tithes/donations to buy their way into the ruling council gives the religion both a sticky quality throughout society as well as a motive to keep the swindle going.

    This also provides hooks for the adventurers to act on behalf of the church to root out competing cults and send their cleric to found new outposts of the god in regions as-yet-unexplored.
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