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What makes this system work and become self-perpetuating? If everyone is selfishly greedy, how would any "greater good" hard decisions get made?
Corporate entities. By corporate I'm referring to large groups of people who each contribute to the cost of putting one of their members into a seat. This distributes power which, in turn, makes government more stable and less likely to enact dictatorial decrees. It will also tend to reduce the number of actual plutocrats on the council as the corporate entities will make it harder for these individuals to participate.

I'd suggest that the number of seats is not finite but open to anyone who can meet the base price and will commit to meeting their share of other expenses. So if the operating expenses for the year exceed the revenue raised by the annual subscription cost of council seats the members are responsible for their share of the costs. This allows for a lot of political maneuvering, including council members leaving their seat because they don't want to pay.