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    Of the Second Sun

    One of the most remarkable features of the Lands of Torment is the Second Sun, (or Solarium Secundus in the Elder Ektraskan language, or the Emerald Flame, among many other names), a blazing star that came to alight in the heavens above northeastern Carcharoth at the dawn of the Ninth Age. The Second Sun hangs low in the sky above the charred lands of the Dominion of the Obsidian Compact, allowing flying creatures who ascend from the heights of the loftiest peaks of the Flail Mountains, and especially from the considerably more elevated calderas of the Twin Dooms, to reach its surface. However, surviving the supernatural heat of the Second Sun renders this theoretical ability a dubious prospect at best, and mostly a complicated and painful method of suicide. This proximity also permits the egress of the baleful inhabitants of the Second Sun to Carcharoth, and they largely alight upon the aforementioned peaks of the region's highest mountains.

    The Second Sun was the first move in the Paraelemental Incursion, though this fact has not been appreciated until relatively recently by the astronomers of the Temple-States. At the beginning of the Ninth Age, the rapacious forces of the Paraelemental Stronghold of the Sun, also known as the Solar Paraelemental Stronghold, resolved to conquer the Lands of Torment for the glory of the Unconquered Sun. The great star began to spawn many children that would set alight the world of mortals, and claim it eternally for the Sun. Seeing the machinations of the other Paraelements, the Sun dispatched the Second Sun before its brethren had been completely, and not before the Paraelemental Stronghold of Frost had received intelligence of this strategy, and taken umbrage. The half-formed Second Sun began its journey through the void of space, and was attacked by the forces of the Paraelemental Stronghold of Frost, along with allies from the Paraelemental Strongholds of Crystal and Metal. This alliance dampened the light of half the surface of the Second Sun. Today, a war between the forces of Crystal, Metal, and Frost against those of the Sun persists, with the former triple alliance of Paraelements still holding power over the darkened, frigid 'dark side' of the star, and those of the Sun maintaining power on the 'light side'. The Second Sun arrived in the heavens above Carcharoth and filled its horizon with the strange, emerald-tinted light of its malevolent glow.

    The Second Sun hosts several large settlements, including the allied cities of Kaatin-, Saatin-, Haatin-, Baatin-, and Vaatin-Sakkar, also known as the Six Candles, or the Candle-States. These cities trace a massive pentagram and its center upon the light side of the Second Sun. The lines of the pentagram, known as the Great Solar Hex, are a focal point for elemental energies, and the powers of the sun-aligned creatures within this pattern are increased.

    The Second Sun makes a complete revolution in a period of time that is slightly longer than a 'day' on Serinba'al. Half of this time, the dark side of the star is turned towards Carcharoth, and the land below is beset by bitter cold.

    The trench which divides the light side from the dark side of the Second Sun is a site of intense conflict between the Paraelemental Strongholds that contest its surface. It is also believed that the conflict extends deep within the star, and that even the furthest reaches of its interior are subject to constant warfare.
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